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Spirulina Max

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(295 customer reviews )

$45.99 $23.95

Lean Health Spirulina Max has NO artificial ingredients.

100% Pure natural and Potent.

All organic.

Spirulina Max is a Powerful antioxidant, Stimulates the immune system, reduces high cholesterol levels and reinforces all vital organs.

NO excuse for someone not to take Spirulina Max. Great Green Superfood

All Dynamic aids in one capsule.

Cleanse your body. Try Spirulina Max Today.

If you are not satisfy, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

No questions.

Risk Free We are confident that you will enjoy the benefits Spirulina Max has to offer.

SKU: 702685043012


Spirulina Max helps aid muscular fatigue, restores energy and vitality, increases endurance, promotes and gains muscle mass, and oxygenates the body and muscles.

It contains rich natural source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids and helps remove toxins from the blood to boost the immune system.

Spirulina Max is an amazing vegetarian whole super food that has the ability to increase energy and detox your body, all in the form of a capsule to make it travel-friendly.